Immune, this is the name of the application chosen by the Italian government to help the population and the state, to manage the long-awaited “phase two” of the Coronavirus emergency.
The initiative was taken by the extraordinary government commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency, Domenico Arcuri, who has drawn up a contract with the software manufacturer (the Bending Spoons) for the free granting of the user license for the ‘application.
The operation of the application is rather simple; the latter is based on the use of the “contact tracking” process or tracking of contacts and on the creation of your own clinical diary.
Contact tracking is a process that is implemented (in this case) on users who declare to the application that they have Coronavirus and, through the user’s consent to the use of their data (data coming from the device and from a protocol that the health authorities will ask the user to follow), the history of his movements will be reconstructed; subsequently, through an ad-hoc algorithm created, the risk of contagion will be calculated and a list of any users to be informed of the potential danger will be drawn up.
The clinical diary, however, as the word suggests, will perform the task of recording the health states entered by the user and any symptoms that may appear. The data are all stored on the device where the application is installed and it is assigned a code that will be exchanged with all nearby devices via BLE-Bluetooth Low Energy and is useful when the user contracts the virus and has need of the aforementioned movement history. The government, however, ensures that users’ privacy will be respected and, no data will be collected without the explicit consent of the user, even if the restrictive laws that we find ourselves on privacy, do not allow to supervise users in a way optimal to prevent contagion.