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Stefano, Eva e Federico Fulchir

Our history

iVision Health was born during the lockdown (March 2020), as a division of iVision Group, thanks to the solid experience of our group on digital technologies, hardware and software.

Involved in the production of surgical masks, in order to face the Italian need, iVision Health is expanding its production rage thanks to the introduction of PPE.

On 10th June 2020 iVision Health has obtained Cov-1297 and Cov-1303 authorization from Istituto Superiore di Sanità, regarding the permission of both production and marketing of type II surgical masks. iVision Health is actually the only company authorized by ISS within Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

On the 12th of June 2020, the surgical masks designed and produced by iVision Heath, have received the CE certification and the company has been included among the Ministero della Salute list as producers of medical devices. 

Made in Italy production

iVision Health uses latest CE certificated machinery generation, characterized by high precision and speed.

Our production process protocol provides stringent hygiene and cleaning standards, sanification of environment, plants and production lines, in order to guarantee the quality of our products.

The iVision Health factory consists of:

  • Dedicated lines for mask production
  • Packaging automation for different formats
  • Trained and qualified internal staff

We produce for your health

iVision Health products are made with Italian materials of the highest quality. We carry out careful and continuous research in this regard

Our pluses are:

  • Very high bacterial filtration capacity *
  • Maximum comfort and softness for extended daily usage
  • Soft fabrics free of irritants
  • Constant security assured by in-depth periodic laboratory test

* The BFE BACTERIAL FILTRATION EFFICACY is the reference parameter that indicates the effectiveness of filtering bacteria

High quality Italian fabrics

The raw materials we use are as follows:

  • Soft spunbond non-woven fabric
  • Particulate and antibacterial filter (meltblown / SMS)
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-static, breathable, ecological Air Cotton fabric

All fabrics are produced in Italy and guarantee:

  • liquid splash resistance
  • breathability
  • bacterial filtration
  • efficiency
  • cleaning by microbes

All certifications

CE certified products, in accordance with the directive 93/42 CEE
ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and ISO 13485:2016 (medical devices quality) certification
Production in compliance with the UNI EN 14683: 2019 technical standard
ISS authorisation for the production and the marketing of the products